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Millennium Team gives seedlings to the citizens of Zvezdara

The Millennium Team group gifted the seedlings to the citizens of Zvezdara, which until now
were located on the plot at Milana Rakića 35. Twenty-four seedlings were successfully
transplanted today and continue to decorate Zvezdara and remain for Zvezdara residents.
The Millennium Team group, which owns the Goša Institute, engaged the Public Utility
Company “Zelenilo-Belgrade” so that, under expert supervision, the trees and plants from the
plot at Milana Rakića 35 were transplanted in the most adequate way. For this action, the
company took over all the costs of transplanting and hiring machinery.
Last summer, experts from the company “Zelenilo-Belgrade” determined the condition of the
existing trees and established that there is a technical possibility of mechanical transplanting for
part of the plants.

One part of the greenery, 10 rose seedlings that decorated the yard of the Goša Institute in
previous decades, were planted in the yard of the “Veljko Dugošević” elementary school, which
is located in the immediate vicinity of the site. The rest of the greenery, two spruce trees, two
yew trees, two junipers, an apricot tree and 7 roses were transplanted to the park between
Preševska Street and Teacher Miloša Jankovića Street. With further intensive care from
neighbors from Zvezdara, and after transplanting, these species have the opportunity to survive
and continue to develop.

As a socially responsible company, Millennium Team continues to provide support to the
environment in which it operates, and especially to take care of the quality and preservation of
the environment. At the current location at Milana Rakića 35, a residential and business complex
will be built, within which new green areas will be planted. Due to visible signs of rot, it was not
possible to transplant certain trees by machine, so they will be removed in the following period,
when the building is built, and replaced with new ones.


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