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Youth sports games – Millennium Team tennis tournament

Millennium Team joined the Youth Sports Games event, and supported the Games as a sponsor of the tennis tournament. The Youth Sports Games are the largest amateur sports organization for children and youth in Europe and have been held for 27 years, and this year they are celebrating their jubilee – a decade since they have been organized in Serbia. This year’s tennis tournament is called the “Millennium Team Tennis Tournament”, and the regional and national competition will be held in Serbia, while the international final will be held in Split.

This year, four regional finals are being played in four cities in Serbia: Novi Sad, Vranje, Valjevo and Belgrade. The two first-placed competitors, in the category of boys and girls (year 2009 and younger), will qualify for the national final, which will be held in Banja Ždrelo in July. The two first-placed competitors will travel to the International Final in Split in August, where they will represent the Serbian team and the participants of the “Millennium Team tennis tournament”.

The “Millennium Team Tennis Tournament” was held in Novi Sad and Vranje, and the next two tournaments will be held in Valjevo and Belgrade. On Sunday, April 30th, a new “Millennium Team tennis tournament” awaits us in Valjevo, which will be played at “TWINS SPORTS CENTER & VISNJA TENNIS ACADEMY”. In addition to the tournament for boys and girls born in 2009 and younger, the tournament for the “orange level” will also take place.

One of the events within the Grand Opening ceremony that will take place on May 15th at Trg Republike, the day before will be the big “Millennium Team tennis tournament”. On the courts of our famous tennis coach Bogdan Obradović at Ada Ciganlija on May 14th, the youngest tennis players of Serbia will have another opportunity to fight for a place in the national finals.

In the 27 years that the Youth Sports Games have existed in the region, two and a half million boys and girls have participated. The participants of the games are children from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. The mission of the Youth Sports Games is to bring together the children of the region, who through sports and socializing develop awareness of tolerance, respect for diversity and the importance of applying fair play on and off the sports fields. Children compete in ten sports disciplines, and thanks to a large number of sponsors, everything is free for children, from the first qualifying tournament to the big International Final in Split.

In addition to supporting tennis players, the Millennium Team company is a friend of children in other sports as well, such as chess, table tennis, volleyball, beach volleyball, indoor football, between two fires, handball, athletics, basketball 3×3, which can be seen on the fields where these competitions take place.

Since its foundation, the company’s focus has been on social and responsible business. Through various activities, supporting the implementation of projects, Millennium Team strives to provide support to the environment in which it operates and to create better conditions for the life of the citizens of Serbia. Through the annual strategy, we direct a significant part of the funds to projects that support and move society and young people, and sport is an important part of those projects.


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