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Millennium Team and Belgrade Drama Theater – The Biggest Investment from a Company in the Field of Culture – Signing of a half a million euro Contract

The Millenium Team company and the Belgrade Drama Theater signed an agreement on sponsorship and strategic cooperation. The contract, which will last for the next four years, worth half a million euros, without future infrastructure investments, will, all together, represent the largest investment from a domestic company into culture of and will contribute to the further development and modernization of the theater.

“I can proudly say that this is the biggest investment from a company in the field of culture, and with a four-year contract worth half a million euros, we will certainly be a reliable partner in the further advancements of Belgrade Drama Theater (BDP).” We are a company that builds, lays strong and stable foundations for the future, and this joint cooperation of ours is aimed at the audience and artists,” said Stojan Vujko, CEO of Millennium Team. He added that Millennium Team has shown once again that it is a socially responsible company that invests in the community it works in, with clear support. “Millennium Team bases its business on taking care of the community. We try to help where we work and build by providing investments and clear support. A concrete example of our work is apparent in the BDP Millennium Team Arena, the only theater built in Belgrade in the last 70 years, which was built by the Millennium Team and in which the audience has been enjoying for two seasons.”

“We are very pleased that the Millennium Team recognized the Belgrade Drama Theater as one of this region’s leaders in culture that are worth investing into. With the slogan THE BEST ALONGSIDE THE BEST, we continue this important and successful cooperation with one of the leading construction companies in the region. Cooperation between the private sector and cultural institutions is an example of how joint efforts can create a more prosperous cultural scene. I hope that this example of ours will serve as an inspiration to other companies to recognize the value of investing in culture. The Millennium Team’s sponsorship will contribute to the creation of richer and more diverse cultural content for the audience, and, at the same time, it will improve the working conditions for artists and performers,” said Jug Radivojević, director of the Belgrade Drama Theater.

The cooperation between the Millennium Team and the Belgrade Drama Theater dates back to 2021, when the company carried out construction work on the summer stage, having completed the movable roof, facade, and steel structure, thus enabling theater lovers to enjoy cultural events at the BDP Millennium Team Arena during the summer, regardless of weather conditions. Since the beginning of the summer season last year, over 100 performances have been played on the stage of the BDP Millennium Team Arena, which were watched by more than 15 thousand people.

With the cooperation of the Millennium Team and the Belgrade Drama Theater on the construction of the summer stage, this contract rounds off their five-year cooperation.


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