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Our company is supporting Youth Sports Games for the second year in a row

The Youth Sports Games, an event that brings together children from all over the region, and includes a large number of children and athletes, had its 11th official opening ceremony in Serbia. Millennium Team is a proud friend of the Games this year as well, and basketball 3×3 is held under the sponsorship of our company.

“Our company is openly committed to social responsibility and we continue to support and invest in sports projects that promote true values and nurture the spirit of community, and Youth Sports Games are really doing all that”, emphasized Stojan Vujko, General Manager of the Millennium Team company, and added “We are glad to be a faithful friend of the event this year as well, as it that plays a key role in the lives of children in our region, promoting fair play and friendship but also pushing the boundaries in the world of sports. We are proud to support this event, which has a regional impact and which in Serbia alone in the previous 10 years brought together almost half a million children, so we are witnessing its exceptional contribution.”

Zoran Gajić, Minister of Sports of the Republic of Serbia, Zdravko Marić, President of the Youth Sports Games, Aleksandar Šapić, President of the Provisional Authority of the City of Belgrade, Nikola Nikodijević, member of the Provisional Authority of the City of Belgrade, Stojan Vujko, General Manager of Millennium Team and numerous dignitaries from the world of sports, education, business and culture attended the opening ceremony of the Games and the lighting of the torch of friendship, which marked the beginning of the event.

The Youth Sports Games are the largest amateur sports event in Europe, existing for 28 years. During that period, it gathered more than 2.7 million children and young people from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. The games have become a unique brand, and they provide an opportunity for elementary and high school pupils to participate from spring to summer, fully free of charge, in professionally organized competitions in ten sports disciplines: futsal, volleyball, 3×3 basketball, handball, beach volleyball, tennis, table tennis, chess, dodgeball and athletics/60m race.

This year, over 60 tournaments will be held in Millennium Team basket 3×3 tournaments for girls and boys aged 7 to 18. In Serbia, competitions range from municipal, city, regional to national finals. Regional competitions in Serbia will be held in Apatin, Požarevac, Bor and Kraljevo, and the national championship will be held in Zlatibor. The grand international final for the most successful is expected to be in Split by the end of August.

Photo author: Youth Sports Games


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