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Strategic cooperation between the Millennium Team and Ganz-Gemtech Group from Hungary

The Serbian company Millennium Team and the Hungarian Ganz-Gemtech Group signed an agreement on strategic cooperation today at the Embassy of Serbia in Budapest.

In the 20 years that it has been successfully operating, Millennium Team has positioned itself as a leader in the field of construction in Serbia and the region. Continuously developing since 2003, the company realizes complex and demanding projects, implementing reliable, safe and timely construction, with the application of the most modern technological solutions and mechanization.

The company is oriented towards a modern approach to the construction of buildings, all in order to achieve better results and shorter construction deadlines. Millennium Team services cover all areas of the construction industry: construction of infrastructural, energy and hydro-technical facilities, wastewater treatment plants, as well as humanitarian demining, which offers our clients the possibility of designing and executing integrated projects.

„By signing a strategic agreement with the Hungarian company Ganz-Gémtech Group, Millennium Team not only strengthens the relationship between the two companies and countries, but also continues to invest in the future and improvement of its business. The company’s mission is to be a reliable partner in the realization of construction projects, and with the synergy of its long experience and the implementation of innovative solutions, the company continues to set the highest standards in the construction industry”, said Stojan Vujko, CEO of the Millennium Team.

Faithful to the goals of its predecessor founded in 1870, the Ganz-Gemtech Group has responded to the challenges of the 21st century with high quality, fully satisfying customer expectations and innovation, thus becoming a significant and leading actor on the domestic market again. Participation in cross-border projects and increasing presence in the regional market are important parts of the company’s strategy.

„By signing this contract, the Ganz-Gemtech group has taken a big step towards the regional distribution,
promotion and even application of Hungarian innovations, as it strengthens its presence on the domestic
and immediate Serbian market in the field of production of steel elements and structures, as well as the development of steel production facilities”, said Gabor Hammar, one of the owners of the company, at the solemn ceremony of signing the contract.

As a result of this cooperation, the opportunity opens up for joint planning, development and implementation in six
countries (in addition to Hungary: Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania) in connection with
the construction of roads, network infrastructure, digitalization of mass transport and public services, as well as
comprehensive traffic management and traffic engineering projects.


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