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The first chess league of Serbia under the patronage of Millennium Team

Millennium Team company continues with socially responsible operations and supporting its community. The company has decided to support the Chess Association of Serbia and the development of chess in our country in general, considering it its obligation, so it is the patron of the first Chess League in Serbia.

At the “Fontana” Hotel in Vrnjačka Banja, the First Millennium Team Chess League of Serbia for men and women had started. The prestigious tournament will last from 7 September to 16 September, when we will find out the names of the champions in both categories.

“We have the fortune of seeing our best male and female chess players in one place, and with them, foreign players who will, with their participation, bestow additional importance to this tournament. I would like to particularly thank the management of the clubs, because it is very difficult to secure the funds and necessities for functioning,” said head of the Chess Association of Serbia Dragan Lazić.

And the work of the Chess Association and chess in Serbia in general would have been far more difficult if it wasn’t for the support of Millennium Team.

“The obligation of large companies such as ours is to support the development of sport, particularly sports which are not very commercialized. That is why the Millennium Team will remain a reliable and true partner to the Chess Association of Serbia,” said Stojan Vujko, general manager of Millennium Team.


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