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Millennium Team: Commitment to responsible and sustainable business. New plane trees for the City of Vranje

(Vranje, November 29): The Millennium Team company donated 40 sycamore seedlings to Vranje, as its support for the preservation of the environment in this city and as a sign of good cooperation in the implementation of the Clean Serbia project. 40 new sycamore trees will find their place on Nikola Tesla Boulevard. Symbolically, the first plane tree was planted together by Slobodan Milenković, the mayor of Vranje, and Nebojša Jovanović, the head of the construction site in Vranje on the Clean Serbia project.

“We have just planted one of the forty sycamore seedlings, as part of today’s action, which we jointly implement with the Millennium Team company. I would like to emphasize that this donation is not the beginning, but a continuation of our cooperation, because recently, in this same street, we planted the first 20 sycamore seedlings. Someone wrote: ‘If you think one year ahead, plant a seed, and if you think 10 years ahead, plant a tree.’ I hope that future generations will enjoy the shade of this row of trees, and I once again thank our partners from the Millennium Team for their valuable donation,” said Dr. Slobodan Milenković, mayor of Vranje.

“Millennium Team company nurtures the concept of socially responsible business and through the various actions we have initiated, we try not only to provide support to the places where we do business, but also to ensure that the projects we initiate have an environmental character. So last year, when we started the project in Vranje, we donated 20 sycamore seedlings that are now located on the same boulevard. As the Clean Serbia project is progressing as planned, and the planted plane trees have meanwhile adapted to the environment, we decided to symbolically repeat the good action one year later,” said Aleksandra Adžić, in charge of public relations at the Millennium Team company.

In November 2021, our company in Vranje started the Clean Serbia project, which was declared a project of the greatest national importance, which increases the level of construction of the sewage network in Serbia, which will raise the environmental standard of our country to a higher level. Our company is a subcontractor to the Chinese company CRBC on the implementation of the project in Vranje, where a total of 141.7 km of the new sewage network is being constructed.


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