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Humanitarian Demining

Millennium Team is registered, technically equipped, and staffed for humanitarian demining tasks. The authorization to perform demining activities has been granted by the Mine Action Center of the Republic of Serbia and the Sector for Emergency Situations of Serbia.Demining is an activity of particular importance for the population and economy in Serbia. By removing unexploded ordnance (UXO), potential risks to the lives and health of citizens are prevented, enabling the realization of infrastructure and economic projects.When the technical equipment is combined with a highly qualified team of demining experts with years of experience, it is clear why Millennium Team is the leader in the region in terms of readiness for humanitarian demining tasks.Company’s activities in the field of EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) include:

All projects are executed according to Millennium Team’s standard operating procedures and international standards (IMAS).

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30000000 m2

total surveyed area for demining


remotely operated demining machines


deep scanning systems


demining detectors for up to 0.50m depth

Humanitarian Demining projects

Airport Niš

837.230 m2

Military Storage


Sloboda Čačak


Denino brdo


Safety at work

The safety of our employees is paramount, we respect and apply all safety and health measures at work and assess the risk before the project.

Works performed in the field during humanitarian demining are of high risk, therefore the locations for demining are secured according to the International Mine Action Standards, with the application of all safety measures and the use of personal protective equipment for field demining.