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Stojan Vujko elected President of the Assembly of SD Crvena Zvezda

Stojan Vujko, General Manager of Millennium Team, has been elected the new President of the Assembly of SD Crvena Zvezda. Stojan Vujko is not only a successful businessman, whose company has nurtured the concept of corporate social responsibility since its founding, and has made a great contribution by participating in numerous humanitarian actions aimed at children and youth in endangered conditions, education and sports, but is equally successful a sports official, who can boast of the top results achieved by the clubs he leads.

After the election to the new position, the President of the Assembly of the Crvena Zvezda Sports Association, Stojan Vujko addressed the present delegates.

“Dear friends, as you know, I have been in the governing bodies of Crvena Zvezda since 2012. Ten years ago, I took over the function of the President of the Board of Directors of the Crvena Zvezda Judo Club. It was the time and the path we crossed that marked a lot of hard work, with a lot of effort and investment. At the same time, those are the years that have brought incredible sports achievements and wonderful memories. I would like to point out that the historical results and titles that we are more than proud of have been achieved, “Stojan Vujko pointed out.

The results achieved by the Judo Club under the leadership of Stojan Vujko are more than impressive. Team work brought European and world medals in team and individual competition in the club’s treasury, and the title of world champion was minted among them. Among the team, a special place certainly belongs to the medals won on the European scene since 2014, when the Crvena Zvezda Judo Club became part of the elite company. The achievements achieved in the Champions League, the strongest club competition, from year to year serve the pride not only of Zvezda, but also of the entire Serbian sport. Last season in Paris, the red and whites achieved historic success by winning the title of runner-up in the Champions League.

Addressing the delegates of the Assembly of SD Crvena zvezda, Vujko pointed out that he has a function in front of him, which is not only a big honor but also an obligation.

“First of all, I would like to thank all the clubs that have proposed me, and of course Professor Škundrić, the current President of the Assembly. I would like to point out that the trust you have shown me is a great honor, but also a great obligation because it is not easy to be the president of the Red Star Sports Association after such exceptional names were here before me. At this moment, please allow me to especially thank Ivan Todorov, a man with a vision, the honorary president of our Crvena Zvezda Judo Club,” said Vujko.

Regarding the plans for the period ahead of us, the President of the Assembly of SD Crvena Zvezda says:

“I am convinced that the Assembly and the Board of Directors of our Crvena Zvezda Sports Association will work successfully together, as one team. First of all, I would like to emphasize the friendship that reigns between us. “I have a fantastic cooperation with Zvezdan Terzic from the very beginning through the Board of Directors of the Crvena Zvezda Football Club, which I am especially proud of,” said Vujko, adding that “We will strive to provide working conditions of all clubs, which means that we want to work on the development of all members of our Sports Association. It is not an easy task, but it is well known that we, as Zvezdasi, always strive for top achievements. Our goal is to achieve even better results during our mandate, all together as a team, than it has been so far. Once again I want to thank everyone. Long live Zvezda! Long live Serbia”, concluded Stojan Vujko, President of the Assembly of SD Crvena zvezda.


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