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„Turkish stream“ Section 1 – Finished earth works

Section 1 of the main gas pipeline route from km 0+000 to km 75+000 was the most demanding on the entire route, it was built through very difficult terrain of eastern Serbia mountain massifs and is crossed by a multitude of torrential watercourses. Within Section 1, there were more complex sections, steep slopes, which are […]

Distribution gas pipeline Belgrade – Valjevo- Loznica

This contract stipulates that Millennium Team, in the capacity of the main contractor, shall , carry out geological surveying and geodetic works, prepare project documentation for a building permit, and executes works on construction of distribution gas pipeline Belgrade-Valjevo-Loznica, in the length of 160km with 8 MMRS. Designing and execution is divided into two phases, […]


Millennium Team participated in the construction project of Turkish stream in the excavation and earthworks phase. The works included complete earthworks (1,175,000 m3 of excavation and backfilling) of 112 km along with all auxiliary access roads, with river crossings, piping, providing excavations with Larsen sheet piles, drilling wells for pumping water. Additionally, the company performed […]

Gasification of populated areas on the territory of Kraljevo

The planned length of polyethylene gas pipeline network is 644 km, executed 374 km, the planned length of the medium-pressure steel gas pipeline is about 16.7 km, executed 9.4 km, planned 14 metering and regulating stations, executed 2 stations. Millennium Team is the main contractor on this project.

Civil works within the thermal power plant „Kostolac“

Millennium Team has, since 2018, concluded three Contracts with the Chinese company CMEC: – Construction of a cooling water system, i.e. construction of a siphon well, construction of a culvert for the discharge of cooling water, as well as construction of steel pipe for cold water – part of the external system for heavy fuels, […]

Gas pipeline within BW

The contract envisages the design and construction of gas facilities in the area of Belgrade Waterfront, namely: The distribution gas pipeline network made of steel pipes MOP=16 bar from the existing distribution gas pipeline GM05-04 in Maleška street (section for CCS) to the border of SPSPA “Belgrade Waterfront; High-pressure 50 bar gas pipeline, 8 km […]

Distribution gas pipeline Aleksandrovac – Tutin

This contract stipulates that Millennium Team, shall prepare the Spatial Plan of the Special Purpose Area SPSPA and prepare project documentation for a building permit and construction of gas pipeline RG09-04/2; to carry out geological surveying works, survey on reducing the risk of UXO: as well as to construct the distribution gas pipeline RG09-04/2 in […]

Works on district heating system of the municipality of Obrenovac

In the period from 2017 to 2018, Millennnium Team was a main contractor on the reconstruction and rehabilitation of district heating pipeline in the city area of Obrenovac. The following pipelines were built within the project: • Pre-insulated steel pipeline approximately 5 km · Pre-insulated flexible pipeline approximately 1.2 km

Construction of a heating network in Vojvode Stepe Street, Belgrade

Millennium Team participated in the execution of works on drainage, relocation and protection of existing communal installations, as well as the reconstruction of the heating network of pre-insulated steel pipes with a total length of almost 12.34 km. The works were carried out as part of the reconstruction project of Vojvode Stepe Street, from Autokomanda […]

Gasification of the municipality of Rakovica

Millennium Team is engaged as the main contractor for the gasification of the city municipality of Rakovica. The construction of 180 km of polyethylene pipelines, 70 km of steel pipelines, 5 metering and regulating stations and 3 main metering and regulating stations was contracted.