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Humanitarian Demining

Demining-cleaning of cluster munitions from the location „Airport Niš“


837.230 m2

In 1999, the airport in Niš was repeatedly hit by aerial bombs – rockets, cluster bombs – cluster munition carriers and other large-mass projectiles.

The danger posed by unexploded cluster munitions was removed by demining – cleaning this location. This made a full contribution to the safety of air traffic and the further development of the civil airport in Niš.

According to the information received from NATO, during the bombing of the airport (military and civilian part), in the period from March 25 to May 26, 1999, in addition to 312 aerial bombs – rockets of various masses, 76 cluster bombs were used – containers with about 15,000 pieces of cluster munitions.

Humanitarian Demining Projects

Airport Niš

837.230 m2

Military Storage


Sloboda Čačak


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