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Humanitarian Demining

Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) Clearance Project of the Thoroughfare within the "Denino brdo" Complex, City of Kragujevac



Our team was cleaning the ground from ERW at this location. According to the Contractor, the area where the demining areas are located was in the previous period a tank depot and was bombed in the Second World War. In total, 148 pieces of various UXO were found and destroyed. In Šestog puka Street, during the works on the water supply and sewer line and before the demining work, a 76mm and 100mm artillery shell, an 82mm mortar mine and a 12.7mm anti-aircraft bullet were found at a depth of 50cm to 150cm.

Humanitarian Demining Projects

Airport Niš

837.230 m2

Military Storage


Sloboda Čačak


Denino brdo