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Humanitarian Demining

Project for development of technical report on UXO presence on german sunken vessels from Second World War in the area of Prahovo


Area From km 857 to km 862- Danube river

During the Second World War the German fleet was sunk in the Danube near Prahovo. Ships that have been at the bottom of the Danube for almost 80 years make river traffic difficult and the suspicion of the UXO existence pose a danger not only for the locals, but also for everyone who sails on the Danube. The goal of the project that involved our team examining the river bed of the Danube, was to develop a technical report showing the location of all potential UXO. The technical survey methodology included bathymetric surveys, side scan sonar surveys, sub bottom profiling and visual examination – diving. The precondition for announcing a tender for wreck extraction are the results of this project.

Humanitarian Demining Projects

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