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Humanitarian Demining

ERW clearance project on the Section IV, highway E663, section Preljina-Požega



The area to be cleared was located on the territory of the Lučani municipality near the factory “Milan Blagojević – Namenska” AD, and is part of Subsection 4, highway E-763, section Preljina – Požega. The construction of Subsection 4 is planned at the location in question, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the warehouses that were bombed and demolished in 1999. Namely, the factory “Milan Blagojević – Namenska” AD is engaged in the production of nitro cellulose, gunpowder and rocket fuels. According to the available archives and the words of witnesses, the factory area and warehouses of the company “Milan Blagojević – Namenska” AD were bombed on several occasions and numerous production facilities were damaged thereby. In warehouses no. 1 and no. 4 there were large quantities of gunpowder at the time of the bombing. After the bombing, one unexploded MK84 aerial bomb was found in the factory and destroyed by members of the Ministry of Defense. The affected warehouses have not been used since the bombing and no surveying of possible residual aerial bombs in the area has been carried out.

Humanitarian Demining Projects

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