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Engineering Facilities

Foto: JKP Parking servis, Beograd

Reconstruction and upgrade of „Obilićev Venac“ public garage

During 2016 and 2017, Millennium Team participated in a project financed by the public utility company „Parking Servis Beograd“, which included the expansion and upgrading of the existing garage Obilićev venac in the center of Belgrade. The garage was expanded from 11 to 15 levels and in addition, the ceiling lights, elevators were replaced and solar panels were installed, 900 m2 of ecological facade made of fiber cement boards and 300 m2 of 3D AURIA panels were constructed. The garage is the first green garage in Europe, which received the Parksmart certificate in 2018. In addition, after reconstruction, i.e., in 2019, it was nominated for EPA award in the category of renovated parking structures at the competition of the European Parking Association, which took place in Malaga.




Parking servis Beograd

Type of Service

Execution of works on the extension and upgrading existing garage


2016-2017; Finished.

Center for Inclusive Child Care

Engineering Facilities

Landscaping of BW Kula withing the „Belgrade Waterfront“ project

Engineering Facilities

The construction of the Government Data Center in Kragujevac

Engineering Facilities

Construction of residential and office buildings within the „Belgrade Waterfront“ project

Engineering Facilities