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Humanitarian Demining

UXO Clearance Project for Sloboda Čačak 1 site, Sloboda Čačak 2 site, Sloboda Čačak 3 site, Sloboda Čačak 4 site, Sloboda Čačak 5 site and Sloboda Čačak 6 site



In the aftermath of unforeseen events in June 2021, when fires and explosions resulted in the scattering of UXO inside and outside the area of the Sloboda company, the MillenniumTeam demining team was engaged in projects of clearing the area of UXO and eliminating the danger to people and the environment. More than 20.000 pieces of various UXO were found and destroyed.

Humanitarian Demining Projects

Airport Niš

837.230 m2

Military Storage


Sloboda Čačak


Denino brdo