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Humanitarian Demining

ERW clearance project of areas in the zone of the bridge at Sremska Rača and along planned route of Belgrade - Sarajevo highway, Sremska Rača - Kuzmin section


1.939.000 m2

The demining project carried out on the territory of the municipalities of Kuzmin, Bosut and Sremska Rača included surveying of the planned route of the Belgrade-Sarajevo highway. During the project implementation, several exploded remnants of war were found and removed, that is, 8 artillery shells of different calibers. The entire field area was cleared up to a depth of 6 m. In this way, the area is ready for further projects.

Humanitarian Demining Projects

Airport Niš

837.230 m2

Military Storage


Sloboda Čačak


Denino brdo