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Engineering Facilities

Construction of State Data Center Kragujevac

The project was carried out in three phases, with the final project of Data Center Certification in accordance with the EN 50600 standard:

PHASE I – included the construction of Data Center Facility 1 with complete infrastructural equipment and exterior decoration of the associated complex. Millennium Team as the Contract Leader coordinated the preparation of project documentation and the entire construction of the facility in accordance with the Employer’s requirements in order to build a unique high-tech facility. Gross built-up area with buried facilities is 8,183.96 m2.
PHASE II – refers to the construction of State Data Center Facility 2, with a total gross area of 3,285.42 m2.
PHASE III – included the execution of works on equipping the IT module of Facility 1 in accordance with User and Client requirements.
CERTIFICATION – represents the final Project of integration and harmonization of the Data Center Facility 1 needs according to the EN 50600 standard requirements. With the successful implementation of this project, Millennium Team responded to the complex requirements of the EN 50600 standard, which is exclusively intended for Data Centers. By achieving the highest possible class IV, it was possible to recognize and place Facility 1 of the State Data Center on the unique world map of the most modern Data Centers in the world after successful implementation certification process.




Republic of Serbia – The Office for information technologies and eGovernment

Type of Service

Design and execution of works on the construction of the Government Data Center


2019-2020; Phase 1
2020-2022; Phase 2
2022-2023; Phase 3

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Engineering Facilities

Landscaping of BW Kula withing the „Belgrade Waterfront“ project

Engineering Facilities

Construction of residential and office buildings within the „Belgrade Waterfront“ project

Engineering Facilities

Infrastructure works, I phase within „Belgrade Waterfront“ project

Engineering Facilities