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Energy Facilities

Construction of transmission Gas Pipeline (Interconnector) 'Border of Bulgaria — Border of Hungary'

Millennium Team participated in the construction project of Turkish stream in the excavation and earthworks phase.
The works included complete earthworks (1,175,000 m3 of excavation and backfilling) of 112 km along with all auxiliary access roads, with river crossings, piping, providing excavations with Larsen sheet piles, drilling wells for pumping water.
Additionally, the company performed works on 70 under road drillings on Sections I, II, III and IV, (the length of all four sections is 402 km).
Also, the project included the construction of 14.4 km of access roads to the facilities on the site in Section III and Section IV.


The territory from the border with Bulgaria to the border with Hungary


PE Srbijagas Novi Sad

Type of Service

Execution of earth works, access roads and under road drilling


2019-2021; Finished.

„Turkish stream“ Section 1 – Finished earth works

Energy Facilities

Distribution gas pipeline Belgrade – Valjevo- Loznica

Energy Facilities

Gasification of populated areas on the territory of Kraljevo

Energy Facilities

Civil works within the thermal power plant „Kostolac“

Energy Facilities