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Stojan Vujko makes first move at FIDE Grand Prix 2022

Stojan Vujko, general manager of our company Millennium Team, made the first move at the semi-finals of the FIDE Grand Prix tournament in Belgrade, in the match between Anish Giri (Russia) and Dmitry Andreikin (FIDE).

Millennium Team continues to operate with corporate social responsibility and to support the community it does business in, among other things, by supporting the Serbia Chess Federation, by investing into the further development and affirmation of this sport in our country.

How important is the support of our company for chess is best evidenced by the fact that after many decades, the FIDE Grand Prix will be held at the Serbian capital, which is one of the three point-based tournaments where players will attempt to win a visa for the challenger tournament to be held in June in Madrid. The winner of this competition, as the challenger, will have the opportunity to face off against current world champion, Norwegian Magnus Carlsen.

In addition to FIDE Grand Prix 2022, grand master tournament Belgrade 2022 will also be held at our capital at the same time.

“Our company actively supports corporate social responsibility in the community it operates in, and this is a concept we have been committed to since our inception. In cooperation with the Serbia Chess Federation, we care for future generations. Our young players have an excellent opportunity to face off against the best, and at the same time, we brought the elite of the 64-field sport to Belgrade for this FIDE Grand Prix 2022.  I would particularly like to highlight that I am glad to see young talent at the tournament, our youngest chess players who, with notepad and pen in hand, carefully followed and noted down all moves. That was the goal of our company when we decided to support the Serbia Chess Federation,” stated Stojan Vujko, general manager of Millennium Team.


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