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Airport Niš

In 1999, the airport in Niš was repeatedly hit by aerial bombs – rockets, cluster bombs – cluster munition carriers and other large-mass projectiles. The danger posed by unexploded cluster munitions was removed by demining – cleaning this location. This made a full contribution to the safety of air traffic and the further development of […]

Military Storage

The site was contaminated with various types of explosive ordnance (UXO) and their remains, after a fire and explosion that occured in the improvised military warehouse in mid-June 2000. The site was contaminated with various types of explosive ordnance (UXO) and their remains, after a fire and explosion that occured in the improvised military warehouse […]

Sloboda Čačak

In the aftermath of unforeseen events in June 2021, when fires and explosions resulted in the scattering of UXO inside and outside the area of the Sloboda company, the MillenniumTeam demining team was engaged in projects of clearing the area of UXO and eliminating the danger to people and the environment. More than 20.000 pieces […]

Denino brdo

Our team was cleaning the ground from ERW at this location. According to the Contractor, the area where the demining areas are located was in the previous period a tank depot and was bombed in the Second World War. In total, 148 pieces of various UXO were found and destroyed. In Šestog puka Street, during […]


The demining area is located on the territory of the City Municipality of Novi Sad, in the Jugovićevo settlement. The military airport located in the settlement was bombed at the beginning of 1941 and the entire military complex suffered great destruction in 1999 as well. About 25 projectiles filled with calcium carbonate and hydrochloric acid […]


The area to be cleared was located on the territory of the Lučani municipality near the factory “Milan Blagojević – Namenska” AD, and is part of Subsection 4, highway E-763, section Preljina – Požega. The construction of Subsection 4 is planned at the location in question, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the […]


The demining department of our company worked on the technical surveying of the “Fruška Gora” location, where there was a well-founded suspicion that there was a minefield at the location. The construction of a high-rise building is planned at the mentioned location.

Fruška Gora Corridor

Our expert team was engaged in humanitarian demining, which was carried out in four phases. Cleaning of the terrain was done up to the depth of 6 meters, that is, exploratory drilling of 35 meters in depth, using a special borehole method. The area where the terrain has been cleared of explosive remnants of war, […]


The demining sector of Millennium Team cleared the “Ložionica” site located in Belgrade, under the Gazela bridge near the Belgrade Waterfront settlement. The project involved surveying and clearing the terrain of explosive remnants of war at the depths of 0.50 to 6 m. In this location there are facilities under the protection of the Cultural […]


The demining sector of Millennium Team has successfully implemented a project of clearing ERW in the Niš settlement of Ardija, which was carried out according to the project of the Mine Action Centre of the Republic of Serbia, International Mine Action Standards (IMAS) and standard operating procedures. Clearing was carried out to depths of 0.50, […]