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Engineering Facilities

Construction of the embankment within “Belgrade Waterfront” project

The project was executed in three phases, in total length of 1.500m:
The works included rehabilitation and reconstruction as well as increasing the height of the embankment, partial demolition with the construction of the embankment body structure with retaining walls for the purpose of raising the current embankment level, complete installations, landscaping with an irrigation system, construction of a bicycle path and traffic signals, paving as well as the installation of furniture and lighting.




Beograd na vodi d.o.o.

Type of Service

Reconstruction and construction of the embankment


2017-2022; Finished embankment from Brankov Bridge to Gazela Bridge, in the total length of 1.500m;
The construction of Vidikovac – the bridge in front of the Tower – is in progress.

Center for Inclusive Child Care

Engineering Facilities

Landscaping of BW Kula withing the „Belgrade Waterfront“ project

Engineering Facilities

The construction of the Government Data Center in Kragujevac

Engineering Facilities

Construction of residential and office buildings within the „Belgrade Waterfront“ project

Engineering Facilities