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Energy Facilities

Gasification of the city municipality of Grocka

Millennium Team is the main contractor for the design and construction of medium-pressure gas supply pipelines, mass consumption measuring stations and distribution gas pipeline networks with household gas connections in populated areas of the municipality Grocka.
The construction of 54,23 km of medium-pressure gas pipeline MOP 16 bar, 24 km of distribution gas pipeline network MOP 4 bar, in the length of 590km, construction of 455km of MRS, mass consumption 14 pcs and MMRS capacity of Q=60.000m3/h was contracted.


Municipality of Grocka, Belgrade


PE Srbijagas Novi Sad

Type of Service

Designing and construction of gas pipeline network and MRS


2013 – in progress;
24 km of medium pressure- gas pipeline MOP 16 bar and 455 km of distribution gas pipeline network MOP 4 bar were constructed.

„Turkish stream“ Section 1 – Finished earth works

Energy Facilities

Distribution gas pipeline Belgrade – Valjevo- Loznica

Energy Facilities


Energy Facilities

Gasification of populated areas on the territory of Kraljevo

Energy Facilities